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Our Services

Market Execution

Execute your business plan in Vietnam through our flexible in-market resourcing support 

Enhance your market engagement through our sales and marketing support (including digital) 

Build successful partnerships with the right local partners


Why Market Execution?



In Market Resourcing


In a complex education market like Vietnam, nothing beats having your own trusted "eyes and ears" on the ground. Presence is critical.   


Imagine having someone working for your institution who is fluent in the local culture and language, connected to the market, and who is able to build and maintain the relationships to deliver on your institution's goals for this market.  


We offer cost effective, simple solutions for institutions wanting an in-market resource in Vietnam.


What solutions do we offer?


  • Your own In-Market Representative (part-time or full time)

  • Our consultant delivers services on your behalf (Contracted Service Provider)


LightPath manages all the legal, human resources and other overheads. We also provide office space and light touch management oversight.


Examples of our recent work include:


  • A local resource solution for a supplementary education provider (contracted for a certain number of hours per month)

  • Establishment of a consortium of schools to engage in the Vietnamese market, including part time in-market representation.   



Partnership Development


We help you build the right partnerships with the right partners.


Partnerships with Vietnamese institutions and agencies can help you build sustainable recruitment pathways; reinforce your brand and profile in market; develop links and deepen your international engagement.


There is considerable appetite in Vietnam for engagement with international partners.


Vietnamese institutions are responding to increased demand, globalization and changing expectations of what an education system should deliver.


But often there is a gap between the goals of international institutions and their local partners.    Preferred partnership models are also changing. Partnerships done well can be very valuable. But many partnerships end up consuming considerable resources and time while failing to deliver on their potential.


Examples of our recent work include:


  • Reviewing and improving a long-standing partnership that was at risk of falling over.

  • Identifying and supporting a new strategic partnership between an Australian and local partner.



Marketing Support


We provide local sales and marketing support tailored to the Vietnamese market, through:


  • Agent management

  • Digital engagement (including marketing). 


Agent management


Education agents continue to play a major role in the international recruitment market in Vietnam.   But it is a crowded marketplace. We help you to identify which agents should you work with, and how can you best engage. We help your institution stay front of mind by engaging with agents (and agent events) on your behalf when you are not in-market.


Note: we are a B2B business and so do not recruit students directly on behalf of our clients.



Digital engagement


In a country as tech-savvy and online as Vietnam, digital engagement – particularly through social media – is becoming more and more important.   Online engagement is also hyper-competitive. 


Many foreign institutions currently lack control over their messaging and brand in the market.


Through our digital engagement service, we can help you to:

  • Create and manage local language digital assets

  • Manage your brand and your message 

  • Run digital campaigns, including branding and lead generation campaigns

  • Create a bank of tailored content which can be utilized by your sales network


Examples of our recent work include working with a consortium of New Zealand schools to design and maintain a permanent digital presence in Vietnam. (LightPath New Zealand Schools Facebook page)


Monitoring, Management & Review


We help you manage existing partners and programs.  We also provide post-sale customer support to enrolled international students who are unable to travel from Vietnam.


Monitoring and review of existing partners and programs


Many international institutions have existing partnerships with local partners involving joint delivery of programs, licensing arrangements and other forms of collaboration.   


Monitoring and review of these programs at a distance can be a challenge.  We can provide on the ground support and resourcing to help you with this.


Post-sale customer support


With the current disruption to travel and study due to coronavirus, many students enrolled to study overseas are unable to travel to commence their studies. 


Some of these students may be reconsidering their course of study.


We can provide localised pastoral care and support for students already enrolled at your institution.


We can also assist your institution provide local support to students that wish to commence their studies online at a distance, rather than defer to a later date. 

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