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Market Entry

Explore and establish in-market operations in Vietnam.


Demand from Vietnamese families for high quality international education has never been higher.   Vietnam has already emerged as a key source market of international students for countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand, with more than 200,000 Vietnamese studying overseas in 2019.


International education, delivered locally, is arguably an even bigger market opportunity.  Demand is set to far outstrip current supply from early entrants such as RMIT Vietnam and British University Vietnam, and others providing joint international programs.


This trend will likely accelerate in light of the coronavirus situation, and as more and more Vietnamese families graduate into the middle and upper middle class.


Our market entry service includes:


  • Opportunity/Partner Identification 

    • Identify opportunities

    • Evaluate potential partners

  • Establishment of Operations

    • Advise on structures/options for in-market delivery

    • Project management for establishment

      • Entity

      • Licensing

      • Premises

      • Set up of operations


For clients seeking a full wrap-around service, we manage engagement with specialist third parties in Vietnam, such as legal, accounting, real estate firms, and other service providers.


An example of our work is as project manager for an international education provider to assist them establish their own campus in Vietnam.

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