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Market Entry

Through our Transnational Education (TNE) Services Hub, we can help you establish and deliver your programs partly or fully in Vietnam, through:

Demand from Vietnamese families for high quality international education has never been higher, with more than 200,000 Vietnamese studying overseas in 2019.
International education, delivered locally, is arguably an even bigger market opportunity.  Demand is set to far outstrip current supply from early entrants such as RMIT Vietnam and British University Vietnam and existing joint international programs.
This trend will likely accelerate in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and as more and more Vietnamese families graduate into the middle and upper middle class. Meanwhile, blended delivery will be increasingly accepted as a mode of delivery by the market and the government in Vietnam.

Our TNE Services Hub

We support the following TNE delivery modes:

1. Partnerships – deliver a program in partnership with a local institution


  • Identification of potential partners

  • Advice on program structures and commercial agreements

  • Local marketing of joint programs

  • Downstream monitoring and review of programs

Business Meeting


We worked with an Australian TAFE to introduce them to a new local university partner, with a view to delivering joint (or Australian) programs in Vietnam. We facilitated the introductions and initial meetings between the partners, provided advice (and assisted with drafting) of the cooperation agreement. We coordinated a high profile signing of the agreement. Since the agreement was signed we have worked with the Australian TAFE to shape up the commercial terms of the agreement.

2. ​Micro-campus establishment – your own branded presence in Vietnam


  • Identification of potential partners

  • Advice on program structures, commercial agreements, legal entity

  • Supplementary marketing support

  • Monitoring and review of programs

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We worked with a client (an international university) to review the operations of their existing micro-campus in Vietnam. The micro-campus had been operating for a number of years, but the client was concerned about reducing enrolments and the future of the program. We provided advice to the client, and then engaged with the leadership of the Vietnamese university (from Rector down) to represent our client’s interests. We obtained agreement from the local partner to change some of the key personnel in charge of the program, and then supported the program through design and execution of a marketing campaign (working with an external agency). Results? Two years later, the number of enrolments at the micro-campus have doubled from their lowest point. The international and local university are now working more closely on marketing activities and outreach to jointly promote the program.

3. Blended/online delivery – tailor your existing programs for the Vietnam market

  • Market validation of qualification to be delivered

  • Advice on customization of online LMS (where needed)

  • Offline operations support (where required) including Marketing, Student support services

Online Monitoring


We assess that blended international programs will become much more popular in Vietnam in the coming years. Many students will still value (and prefer) the offline experience, but a large segment of the market will be prepared to look at blended programs delivered at lower cost and in a more flexible format. The  Vietnamese government is also now for the first time permitting the establishment of joint online programs between foreign and local universities, which can reduce the operational costs for foreign institutions delivering their programs in the market.

4. Stand-alone Operations – An independent presence in Vietnam

  • Advise on structures/options for in-market establishment

  • Project management covering all aspects of establishment:


o Legal Entity
o Licensing
o Identification and Fit out of Premises
o Set up of operations (including sales & marketing, hiring of staff)

For clients looking at Stand-alone operations, we manage engagement with specialist third parties in Vietnam, such as legal, accounting, real estate firms, and other service providers.

Chatting after Class

We have been working with an international client to establish a standalone TNE campus, enabling them to deliver their programs entirely in Vietnam. We have acted as project manager, overseeing all aspects of establishment, including legal entity and license requirements, property search and appraisal, outreach with government authorities, and operations set up, including scoping staffing needs. For many aspects of the project we are dealing with 3rd parties (lawyers, property firms, architecture firms) on behalf of the client. Our client has particularly appreciated our ongoing strategic input and creativity in resolving challenges as they


We focus on higher education, but also support school engagement through our partner network.

Contact us to learn more about our how our TNE Services Hub can support you.

Business Meeting


Deliver a program in partnership with a local institution

Girls in the Library


Your own branded presence in Vietnam

Beverage Mug and a Laptop


Tailor your existing programs for the Vietnam market

Chatting after Class



An independent presence in Vietnam

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