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In-market Representation Solutions

We offer cost effective, simple solutions for institutions and agencies wanting an in-market presence in Vietnam.


Why in-market representation?


In a complex education market like Vietnam, nothing beats having your own trusted "eyes and ears" on the ground. Presence in critical.   

Imagine having someone working for your institution who is fluent in the local culture and language, connected to the market, and who is able to build and maintain the relationships to deliver on your institution's goals for this market, such as recruitment performance, innovative new partnerships, alumni management, two-way student mobility.


What solutions do we offer?


There are two principal models:

  • Your own named representative in market (In-Market Representative)

  • LightPath delivers a suite of services on your behalf (Contracted Service Provider)


In both cases, in-market resources are provided by LightPath. We handle all the legal, human resources and other overheads. We also provide office space and light touch management oversight.

We work with our clients to develop plans (with clear performance goals) to be delivered by their dedicated in-market resource or as part of our contracted service relationship.


For the In-Market Representative, clients can choose either a half-time (0.5) or full-time resource.